The law of real estate is extensive in scope. It can be as simple as the purchase or sale of your home, or as complicated to include many areas of our law at the same time. It is not uncommon that real estate issues overlap with estate planning, successions, asset protection, and corporate law. For this reason, it is important that you seek the advice of an attorney who is well educated and experienced in all of these areas. It is beneficial to the Client that one (1) attorney evaluate a real estate issue in terms of all of those areas of the law which may also be involved. I started handling real estate cases immediately upon my graduation from Tulane Law School, beginning with simple acts of sale and progressing to the litigation of complicated, multi-faceted real estate issues.

Areas of Real Estate Practice

Acquisitive Prescription (“Squatters Rights”) | Adverse Possession | Bond for Deed | Boundary disputes agreements | Breach of Warranty | Building Restrictions | Condominiums | Co-Ownership | Counter letters | Dation En Paiement | Deficiency Judgment | Donations | Easements | Encroachments | Exchanges

Executory Process | Expropriation | Foreclosure | In Rem Mortgages | Leases | Liens | Mortgages | Partitions | Powers of Attorney | Purchase Agreements | Quit Claim Deeds | Redhibition | Restrictive Covenants | Rights of Habitation and Passage | Rights of use | Sales | Servitudes | Subleases | Tax sales | Timeshares | Usufruct | Zoning