In addition to possessing a degree in Economics, I have extensive experience in the areas of business formations (corporations, limited liability companies, partnership, etc.), contracts (business, leases, employment, etc.) and other business documents. Also, and most importantly, my experience does not stop at my doorstep. I have courtroom experience in all of these areas. Since 1992, limited liability companies have become the business organization of choice for doing business in Louisiana. And, since 1996, several changes have occurred with regard to limited liability companies which have allowed such a business organization maximum flexibility to address most situations. However, even with such advantages, an “LLC” may not be the right choice for you. And, only an experienced attorney in this area of the law can assist you to choose the correct organization for your purpose. Again, many of those practice areas as described in Mr. Danner’s Website “cross over” into other areas of practice. For instance, LLC’s are widely used in the area of asset protection. Did you know that you can protect yourself from personal liability if you place your rental property in a limited liability company?

Areas of Business Practice

Articles of Incorporation | Dissolutions | Franchises | Incorporations | Leases | Limited Liability Companies

Operating Agreements | Purchase Agreements | Sales | Sole Proprietorships | Subleases